Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beef Brisket Smoky and Delicious!
Lamb Ribs Anyone????

So with the 4th of July bearing down on everyone and thoughts of long weekends and BBQ in full swing I'd just like to suggest to everyone out there that with the temperatures soaring into the 100's you could let ME do all the heavy lifting for you. 

I can shop for your event, prep it up, rub it down package everything and on the day of your BBQ all you have to do is man the grill or smoker like a champ and relax!  You'll look like an amazing hero and all of it will be totally stress free!

Monday, June 4, 2012

This Thursday I will be doing a Chef Demo for a Louisville local non-profit called New Roots.  This organizations focus is bringing fresh produce to lower income areas of the city areas that could very well be called "Food Deserts"  These are areas of town that may have a McDonalds on every other corner but no grocery store for up to 15 miles or more.  It is an area where not everyone has access to cars to drive halfway across the city to shop and often times the cost of food is more prohibitive than a Big Mac.

I am extremely proud to be contributing to this organization.  For as little as $12 a month a family can get a large box filled with produce delivered bi-monthly to a pick up point in their neighborhood.  I am there to give people creative and practical ideas on how to utilize that produce and keep them coming back for more.  Within a single share someone can expect to find the following:

Carrots (bunch of 12)
Green Onions (bunch of five the size of golf balls)
Broccoli: One head
Lemon Cucumbers: 5 in a bunch
Peachs: 1 lb
Lettuce: Red leaf Head
Lettuce: Loose Leaf
Radishes: Pink French and Red
Garlic Scapes
Snow Peas: 1/4 lb

That much produce every two weeks.  If you have a moment it's worth checking out: